The victims or deceased names are not mentioned in the given text. : “Police Identify Suspect in Los Angeles Homeless Murders; Connected to Robbery”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Los Angeles police have identified the suspect believed to be responsible for the tragic murders of three members of the city’s homeless community. Police Chief Michel Moore announced on Saturday that the suspect has been identified as Jerrid Joseph Powell, a 33-year-old black male and resident of Los Angeles.

In addition to the three homicides, Powell is also suspected in a fatal shooting during a robbery in San Dimas, located approximately 28 miles east of Los Angeles. Powell was already in custody in connection with the San Dimas shooting, according to authorities.

Powell was apprehended by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department during a vehicle stop on Wednesday evening, the same day as the death of the third homeless victim. Investigators have determined that the vehicle used during the San Dimas robbery is the same vehicle connected to the three homicides.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert G. Luna stated on Saturday that there is no apparent connection between Powell and the victim of the robbery. The motive for the crimes has yet to be determined.

“I am grateful that this suspect in this case is in custody and no longer a threat to our community,” said Chief Moore.

The first killing occurred in an alley around 3 am on Sunday, followed by the second killing on Monday shortly before 5 am, and the third killing on Wednesday around 2:30 am. The victims include two Hispanic men, ages 37 and 52, and a 62-year-old black man.

Each of the killings happened under similar circumstances, with the victims believed to be alone and asleep when they were attacked. Police believe a single person approached each victim as they slept, opened fire, and then walked away. The victims were all experiencing homelessness and were killed in open areas such as sidewalks or alleys.

The killings occurred in various locations throughout the city, including one near Skid Row, a downtown Los Angeles area known for its large homeless population. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass expressed her concern for the city’s unhoused community, which already faces dangerous conditions daily, with four to five unhoused individuals dying every day from various causes, including violence.

Authorities do not believe that a shooting at a homeless encampment in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon is related to the fatal shootings in the Los Angeles area, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The identification and apprehension of Powell bring relief to the Los Angeles community, but the investigation into these horrific crimes continues as authorities work to uncover the motive behind the attacks.

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