The victims or deceased names are: 1. Hispanic man, age 37 2. Hispanic man, age 52 3. Black man, age 62 : “Los Angeles Police Identify Suspect in Killings of Homeless Community Members”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Police in Los Angeles have made a significant breakthrough in the investigation into the murders of three homeless individuals who were shot and killed while they slept. Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore announced on Saturday that they have identified the suspect responsible for these horrific crimes. The suspect has been named as Jerrid Joseph Powell, a 33-year-old African American male who resides in Los Angeles.

In a surprising turn of events, Powell is also suspected in a fatal shooting during a robbery in San Dimas, a city located approximately 28 miles east of Los Angeles. Authorities revealed that Powell was already in custody in connection with the San Dimas shooting when they linked him to the homeless murders. His arrest took place on Wednesday evening after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stopped his vehicle, which was later identified as the same vehicle used in the San Dimas robbery.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert G. Luna stated that there is no apparent connection between Powell and the victim of the robbery. As of now, the motive behind these heinous acts remains unknown. However, Chief Moore expressed relief that Powell is in custody, emphasizing that the community is no longer under threat from him.

The three killings occurred in different locations throughout Los Angeles, with one taking place near Skid Row, a downtown area known for its large homeless population. The victims, two Hispanic men aged 37 and 52, and a 62-year-old African American man, were all alone and asleep when they were attacked. Chief Moore revealed that each victim was approached as they slept, shot, and then left to die in open areas such as sidewalks or alleys.

The news of these murders has sent shockwaves through the city, particularly among the homeless community. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass expressed deep concern for the safety of the unhoused population, which already faces perilous conditions on a daily basis. She highlighted the alarming fact that four to five homeless individuals die every day in Los Angeles due to a variety of reasons, including violence.

While authorities in Las Vegas reported a shooting at a homeless encampment on Friday, they have not found any immediate connection to the fatal shootings in Los Angeles. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to collaborate and share information to ensure the safety of the homeless population in both cities.

As the investigation continues, the community remains on edge, hoping for justice to be served and for measures to be taken to protect the vulnerable homeless individuals who are at risk on the streets of Los Angeles.

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