The victims or deceased names from the article are not provided. : “Flash Floods and Landslide in Indonesia’s Sumatra: 1 Dead, 11 Missing”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Rescue efforts are underway in Medan, Indonesia, as authorities recover the body of a man who was tragically buried under tons of mud and rocks from flash floods and a landslide. The incident occurred in a hilly village near Lake Toba on Sumatra island, with 11 individuals still reported missing.

Late Friday, torrential rain triggered a massive flow of mud, rocks, and trees from a mountain. This forceful deluge reached a river, causing it to burst its banks and tear through mountainside communities in North Sumatra province.

In their tireless search for survivors, rescue teams have utilized excavators, dogs, and even their own hands to clear the debris in the most severely affected village. Additionally, divers equipped with sonar detection have been dispatched to the nearby Lake Toba, aiming to locate any potential victims who may have been swept away.

A significant development occurred on Saturday when rescuers discovered a mud-covered body near the lakeside, approximately 500 meters away from the devastated Senior Bakara Hotel. The victim was identified as an employee of the hotel.

The National Disaster Management Agency has reported substantial damage caused by the landslide and flash floods. At least 35 houses, a church, a school, and a hotel in the village of Simangulampe have been affected, leading approximately 55 families to seek refuge in a temporary government shelter.

Indonesia experiences recurring flooding and landslides during the October to March rainy season. As an archipelago consisting of around 17,000 islands, the country’s mountainous regions and fertile flood plains make millions of people susceptible to such natural disasters.

Lake Toba, spanning 1,145 square kilometers (440 square miles), is a renowned tourist destination on Sumatra island. This stunning natural wonder, formed by an ancient super volcano, is among the ten attractions that the Indonesian government aims to develop as international tourist magnets.

As rescue operations continue, authorities are committed to providing support to affected communities and ensuring the safety of their residents.

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