The victims or deceased names from the given text are: 1. Tourist with dual German and Filipino nationality (from the Eiffel Tower stabbing incident) 2. British man (from the Eiffel Tower stabbing incident) 3. One teacher (from the knife attack in Arras) 4. Four children and two pensioners (from the knife attack in Annecy) 5. A nurse (from the knife attack in Reims) 6. Six people (from the Gare du Nord train station attack in Paris) 7. Three people (from the Kurdish cultural centre and Kurdish cafe attack in Paris) 8. Three people (from the church attack in Nice) 9. Middle school teacher Samuel Paty (from the attack in a Paris suburb) 10. Two people (from the attack near the former offices of Charlie Hebdo) 11. One person (from the knife rampage in a park near Paris) 12. Three police officers and one civilian employee (from the attack at the Paris police headquarters) 13. A priest (from the church attack in northern France) 14. 86 people (from the truck attack in Nice) 15. A police commander and his partner (from the attack in a Paris suburb) 16. 130 people (from the gun and bomb attacks in Paris) 17. 12 people (from the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices) 18. A policewoman and four hostages (from the supermarket hostage situation) : “Recent Attacks in France: Stabbing Near Eiffel Tower Leaves Tourist Dead, Suspect Arrested”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Paris: A stabbing incident near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Saturday resulted in the tragic death of a tourist, while another person was injured. The Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, took to Twitter to announce that the attacker has been apprehended.

According to Metro, the victim who lost their life in this horrific incident was a tourist with dual German and Filipino nationality. The second victim was a British man who was out for a walk with his wife and child when he was suddenly attacked from behind.

This recent stabbing adds to a list of several attacks that France has suffered in recent years. On October 13, 2023, a teacher was killed and another was wounded in a knife attack at a high school in the northern French town of Arras. The assailant was already known to law enforcement agencies and was on a state ‘Fiche S’ watchlist, which identifies individuals considered potential security risks.

Other notable attacks include a knife attack in the Alpine town of Annecy on June 9, 2023, where a Syrian national wounded four children and two pensioners. On May 22, 2023, an assailant fatally stabbed a nurse and wounded another hospital worker with a kitchen knife in Reims. These incidents, along with others, have prompted President Emmanuel Macron to denounce what he describes as a process of “de-civilisation” in French society.

France has also witnessed attacks targeting religious institutions. On October 29, 2020, an attacker with a knife killed three people and injured several others at a church in the southern city of Nice. Additionally, on October 16, 2020, a middle school teacher named Samuel Paty was brutally murdered on the streets of a Paris suburb after showing his students a cartoon mocking the Prophet Mohammad.

The frequency and severity of these attacks highlight the ongoing security challenges faced by France. The government continues to implement measures to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of its citizens and tourists. International cooperation and intelligence sharing remain crucial in combating terrorism and safeguarding public security.

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