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Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Title: Chinese Father Faces Backlash for Severely Abusing Daughter Over University Failure

Date: December 03, 2023

In a shocking case that has sparked outrage across China, a Chinese father has been accused of subjecting his 16-year-old daughter to severe physical and emotional abuse for failing to secure admission to a prestigious university. The incident has ignited a heated debate on social media platforms regarding parenting methods and accountability in cases of domestic violence.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the girl, identified as Wu, had been living with her father since her parents’ divorce. During this time, her father imposed tremendous academic pressure on her, pushing her to take the Chinese College Entrance Exam, despite her age falling below the standard 18-year threshold.

The father’s anger escalated when Wu failed to secure admission to a “Project 985” university, a group of esteemed Chinese universities. Subsequently, he chose to personally tutor her at home, depriving her of regular school attendance. Disturbingly, the situation worsened as the father resorted to haphazardly cutting her hair and subjecting her to starvation.

Wu’s grandmother eventually discovered the extreme measures her father had taken, including isolating her from the outside world and threatening to withhold necessary legal documents for exam registration. Distressed by the situation, Wu’s grandmother sought help from a local women’s federation, leading to an official investigation.

Wu herself pursued legal action, seeking a writ of habeas corpus from the court. The court’s ruling prohibited her father from engaging in domestic violence, restricting her freedom, and depriving her of educational rights. However, despite the widespread condemnation on social media, some individuals defended the father, emphasizing the concept of a parent’s love.

Critics of the father’s actions argue that such severe abuse cannot be justified under any circumstances. They demand accountability and punishment for the father, questioning why intentional physical or domestic violence within family relationships can escape retribution.

This incident has shed light on the immense academic pressure faced by millions of Chinese students appearing for the annual university exams. These exams determine admission to top universities in the country and often lead parents to invest significant amounts in cram schools and extra tutoring.

“Project 985,” initiated in 1998 by the Chinese government, aimed to develop a group of elite universities to enhance China’s standing in higher education and research. The project provided selected universities with substantial funding and resources, making admission to these institutions highly coveted.

As social media debates continue, this case serves as a stark reminder of the need to address the issue of excessive academic pressure and ensure the well-being and rights of students in China.

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