– Ziv Stahl’s sister-in-law – Several well-known peace activists living in Kibbutz Kfar Aza – Palestinian lives affected by Israel’s response to the war with Hamas in Gaza : Human Rights Activist Ziv Stahl’s Perspective on Israel’s Conflict with Hamas

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Human rights activist Ziv Stahl experienced a devastating terrorist attack during her visit to her sister’s home in Kibbutz Kfar Aza. The attack by Hamas militants resulted in the murder of her sister-in-law and several well-known peace activists living in the kibbutz. Stahl, the executive director of human rights organization Yesh Din, expressed her complex viewpoint on the conflict, emphasizing Israel’s right to defend itself while also advocating for the protection of Palestinian lives.

The attack has left Jewish Israelis dedicated to peaceful coexistence with Palestinians grappling with the ongoing cycle of violence and the security needs of Israelis. Some activists have chosen to step back from the public discourse on a lasting ceasefire, while others argue that a two-state solution is more crucial than ever.

However, peace activists in Israel face challenges, including authorities trying to conflate their activism with support for Hamas. Obtaining permits for anti-war protests has become extremely difficult, and some prominent Palestinian political leaders have been arrested for participating in silent anti-war protests.

The younger generation in Israel is more conservative compared to their grandparents, with a majority identifying as right-wing. This poses a challenge for the younger generation of activists who are promoting anti-war sentiments and advocating for a two-state solution. Many fear public backlash and feel abandoned by parts of the Western leftist movement.

Supporting Palestinians publicly can have serious repercussions, including job termination and public reprimand. Some activists have been doxed and threatened by far-right groups. Despite these risks, activists like Maoz Inon and Elana Kaminka continue to advocate for peace, driven by personal experiences of loss and the belief that peace is necessary for security for all in the region.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to raise complex dilemmas for peace activists, as they navigate public opinion, personal safety, and the pursuit of a just and democratic society.

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