Amol Pawar : Pune Crime Branch Uses CCTV Footage to Nab Truck Drivers Accused of Murder

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Pune: The Pimpri Chinchwad crime branch has successfully apprehended three trailer-truck drivers from Raigad and Palghar in connection with the brutal murder of a man. The arrest was made possible with the assistance of CCTV footage, which provided crucial evidence in the case. The victim, identified as Amol Pawar, was found dead with severe injuries on an open plot in Mahalunge, MIDC, on November 29.

According to the police investigation, it was revealed that Pawar had attempted to steal one of the trucks belonging to the accused drivers at KSB Chowk in Chinchwad. In retaliation, the three drivers, along with their accomplices, beat him with an iron rod. They then transported the victim to the Mahalunge MIDC area, approximately 20km away from the scene of the incident, where they disposed of his body.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Dashrath Adsul (21) from Kalamboli in Raigad district, Vishnu Raut (29), and Baliram Jamdade (35) from Boisar in Palghar district. All three have confessed to their involvement in the murder, stating that Pawar had attempted to steal Adsul’s truck.

Prior to the assault, Pawar had been detained by the Nigdi police for throwing stones while under the influence of alcohol. He was released with a warning and dropped off at Transportnagar in Nigdi by a police officer. However, later that night, Pawar was captured on CCTV footage climbing into the driver’s cabin of a trailer truck parked at KSB Chowk. The accused drivers noticed him and managed to stop the truck, initiating the assault.

This incident sheds light on the rising number of assaults on drivers and conductors in Maharashtra, as highlighted in recent news articles. The shortage of experienced drivers for commercial transport vehicles, including buses and trucks, has become a matter of concern for transporters. This shortage has led to the hiring of inexperienced drivers or the non-operational status of a portion of their fleet.

It is crucial for authorities to address these issues and ensure the safety of drivers and conductors. Additionally, measures should be taken to improve the recruitment and training of drivers to meet the growing demands of the transportation industry. By doing so, incidents like the murder of Amol Pawar can be prevented, and the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation sector can be enhanced.

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