Birgit Umaigba Omoruyi : “Air Transat Passenger Finds Blood Stain on Seat, Asked to Clean it Herself; Post Goes Viral”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Air Transat Passenger Discovers Blood Stain on Seat, Airline Under Fire

By Purvi Khemani | December 04, 2023, 14:11 IST

A recent incident involving a passenger on an Air Transat flight has sparked outrage on social media. Birgit Umaigba Omoruyi, a nurse from Canada, took to the micro-blogging site ‘X’ to share her shocking experience of finding a blood stain on her seat. In her viral post, Omoruyi expressed her disappointment when the airline staff instructed her to clean the stain herself.

Omoruyi shared pictures and a video of the cleaning process, expressing her dismay at being handed disinfectant wipes by a flight attendant to clean the blood with her bare hands. She addressed Air Transat in her post, saying, “Dear @airtransat, what more can I say? As if it was not enough to find fresh blood on the seat in front of me, one of your flight attendants provided me with disinfectant wipes to wipe it off with my bare hands. Thank God for common sense, I asked for gloves and wiped the blood off as told. Next time, feel free to call on me to help you clean the entire plane so this never happens again.”

This incident is not the only one Omoruyi criticized the airline for. She also narrated another incident where a staff member allegedly berated a Black elderly woman who requested to use the washroom after a three-hour delay. Omoruyi expressed her disappointment, stating, “Then, after waiting three hours inside the plane for the flight to take off, one of your staff was busy yelling at a Black elderly woman who asked to use the washroom just before the final announcement that the three-hour long hydraulic problem had been fixed. It was so disgusting to watch. I hope you do better for the very people enriching your business.”

Despite the attention the post has received on social media, Air Transat has not yet responded to the viral incident. However, online users have started reacting to the situation. One user commented, “This is an airline that needs to pay more attention to situations like this and provide updated training to their crew.” Another user added, “Most airlines now only do a real clean when the plane is overnighting somewhere. Between flights, it’s a fast pick up trash and empty lavs if needed. Usually not enough time to really disinfect anything.”

Passengers expect a clean and safe environment when traveling, and incidents like these raise concerns about the airline’s hygiene standards and staff training. It remains to be seen how Air Transat will address these serious allegations and ensure the comfort and safety of its passengers in the future.

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