Davido Koep, Karen Koep : “Remains Found on Washington Military Base Believed to Be Missing Local Couple”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Authorities in Washington state have made a disturbing discovery on a military base, as they believe they have found the remains of a local couple who had been missing since last month. The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Saturday, stating, “Sadly, we believe Davido and Karen Koep have been located based on the preliminary investigation.” Davido, 68, and Karen, 62, were last seen alive on November 10th. Following a welfare check at their home on November 13th, deputies reported evidence suggesting they had been attacked and killed at the residence.

A suspect, described as an Olympian man in his 40s who was “known” to the couple, was arrested last month and charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping. According to prosecutors, the suspect had been renting a home from the Koeps and allegedly killed them upon discovering that he might face eviction. The motive for the attack remains under investigation.

The bodies discovered on the military base have not yet been positively identified as the Koeps, but Sheriff Derek Sanders stated that investigators are “reasonably certain” they belong to the missing couple. The coroner’s office is currently working to confirm their identities and determine the cause of death.

Deputies found the remains after receiving a 911 call reporting a body on Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s property on Saturday morning. The first body was located, and shortly after, a second body was discovered less than half a mile from the suspect’s residence. The bodies were not concealed, according to Sanders.

Sheriff Sanders expressed hope that the discovery of the bodies would provide some closure for the families and friends of Davido and Karen Koep. He commended the dedication of law enforcement in their search for answers. The couple’s son, Justice Dutton, expressed gratitude for the efforts of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office and assisting agencies, stating, “We have the utmost faith that the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorneys will bring the person(s) responsible to justice.”

The investigation into this tragic case is ongoing, as authorities work to gather more evidence and build their case against the suspect. The community is left mourning the loss of Davido and Karen Koep, as they await further updates from law enforcement.

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