Jagannath Nayak : “Decomposed Body of Man Found in Rented Room, Police Suspect Murder”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Berhampur: The decomposed body of a 37-year-old man was recovered from his rented room in Berhampur, Ganjam district on Sunday. The deceased, identified as Jagannath Nayak of Belaguntha, ran an eatery on Gopalpur beach. Police suspect foul play and believe that Nayak was murdered.

The discovery of the body was made after locals complained about a foul smell emanating from the house. Police, in the presence of a magistrate, broke into the room and recovered the decomposed body. Superintendent of Police (Berhampur), Saravana Vivek M., stated that it appeared Nayak had been stoned to death by miscreants three to four days prior.

Authorities suspect that individuals living with Nayak in the rented house are involved in the murder. These individuals allegedly locked the door from the outside and are currently on the run. The police have sent the body for post-mortem examination and are conducting an investigation to determine the cause of death and apprehend the culprits.

In recent news, a 36-year-old Israeli woman was found dead at her residence in Kollam, Kerala. The police suspect that her 70-year-old live-in partner is responsible for her murder. The man claimed that they had decided to commit suicide, with the woman slitting her throat and him stabbing himself. However, the woman had multiple stab wounds in addition to the fatal injury. The man is now under police surveillance and has been booked for attempted suicide.

In another incident, a fruit seller named Mithun Jena was arrested for stabbing to death Sasmita Behera, a small eatery owner in Chandaka area, Bhubaneswar. Jena attacked Behera multiple times after she refused to serve him extra curry with vada. It was discovered that Jena had planned the revenge after an altercation with Behera over the curry incident. Behera succumbed to her injuries the next day.

Lastly, a man in New York’s Queens neighborhood stabbed four family members, including two children, to death before being shot dead by the police. The 38-year-old suspect also stabbed two police officers during the incident. The injured officers are expected to recover. The suspect had a previous arrest for domestic violence. One woman was also stabbed and is in critical condition. The suspect set fire to a couch in the home.

These incidents highlight the alarming rise in cases of violence and murder, both in India and internationally. Authorities must work diligently to ensure the safety of individuals and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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