Jervon King : “30-Year-Old Victim Identified in Early Morning Shooting on Minerva Ave.”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : New Details Emerge in Mansfield Shooting Incident

In a tragic turn of events, 30-year-old Jervon King has been identified as the victim of an early morning shooting that took place at 29 Minerva Ave. The incident occurred at 4:11 a.m., and according to Bob Ball, lead investigator for the Richland County Coroner’s Office, King was pronounced dead at the scene. The Mansfield Police Department’s news release revealed that King was found inside a bedroom, having sustained a single gunshot wound.

The alleged shooter, who resides at the Minerva Avenue address, was taken into custody on an unrelated felony warrant. After the shooting, the suspect promptly contacted the Mansfield police, as confirmed by a recording of the call obtained by The News Journal.

During the call, the man informed the dispatcher, “Somebody’s dying on Minerva.” When asked about the reason behind the victim’s condition, he claimed that King had repeatedly pulled a knife on him, leaving him with no choice but to defend himself. The dispatcher inquired about the whereabouts of the gun, to which the caller assured that it had been secured.

Identifying himself as a relative of the victim, the caller expressed uncertainty about the exact location of the gunshot wound. When asked if he could provide a compress to stem the bleeding, he declined, stating, “I’m not touching anything.” The dispatcher instructed him to raise his arms upon the arrival of the officers, indicating that he was no longer armed.

Mansfield police Capt. Randy Carver revealed that the decision regarding potential charges is still under consideration. “We’re still working through that right now,” he stated, adding that discussions with prosecutors would continue on Monday due to the incident occurring over the weekend.

Authorities urge anyone with information related to the investigation to contact Detective Richard Clapp at 419-755-9470.

This deeply distressing incident has left the community shocked and grieving. The loss of a young life under such circumstances is a stark reminder of the need for enhanced safety measures and conflict resolution strategies to prevent further violence. The authorities are committed to pursuing justice and providing support to those affected by this tragedy.

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