Kayla Morey : “Kayla Morey, Putnam School Teacher Killed in Webster Crash in MA”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Kayla Morey, a beloved teacher at Putnam Elementary School, tragically lost her life in a multi-vehicle crash in Webster, Massachusetts. The incident occurred on Saturday night along I-395 in Worcester County, resulting in the deaths of both a man and a woman.

Kayla Morey, 35 years old, was a dedicated 4th-grade teacher involved in the gifted and talented program at Putnam Elementary School. Her sudden and untimely passing has left her family, friends, and community in shock and mourning.

The Massachusetts State Police confirmed that the collision took place near Exit 3 on Interstate 395 in Webster at around 10:17 p.m. on December 2. State Police Spokesperson Dave Procopio shared this information with MassLive, stating that the crash claimed the lives of a 31-year-old man and Kayla Morey. Further details about the accident are expected to be released soon.

The news of Kayla Morey’s involvement in the tragic crash has deeply impacted the school and the local community. Putnam Elementary School released an official statement expressing their condolences and confirming Kayla’s passing. The statement, issued by Putnam Superintendent of Schools Steven Rioux, urged the community to come together and support one another during this difficult time.

The loss of Kayla Morey has touched the hearts of many, as evidenced by the outpouring of heartfelt messages from her friends, colleagues, and community members. Jenny Racca, who had the pleasure of working with Kayla, described her as a wonderful educator. Colleen O’Connor-Dicolella expressed her sadness and mentioned how much Kayla will be missed by her past and present students. Barbara Goloski offered her condolences to Kayla’s family and emphasized the impact Kayla had on those who knew her. Anna Pingitore, another community member, described Kayla as an exceptional teacher and person, with her loss deeply felt in the community.

The sudden loss of Kayla Morey has left a void in the lives of her loved ones, students, colleagues, and community. As they mourn her passing, they are united in their grief and memories of a vibrant, loving, and beautiful person.

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