Kelly McWhirter : “Missing Flushing Woman Found Dead in Saginaw County, Husband Suspected in Murder-Suicide”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : The Saginaw County authorities have finally identified the body that was discovered last week, putting an end to the mystery that had plagued the community for weeks. The victim has been identified as Kelly McWhirter, a 60-year-old former secretary of the county sheriff’s office. She had retired but continued working at the county commission before going missing on October 14.

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday that they believe McWhirter was killed by her estranged husband, Steven Higgins. Tragically, Higgins took his own life on October 20 after his car was stopped by the police. The authorities strongly suspect that he was responsible for McWhirter’s death.

Sheriff Christopher Swanson held a press conference to share the news of the identification. “We have located and confirmed her identity,” he stated solemnly. He described McWhirter as a beloved individual, loved by many in the community. Swanson emphasized the devastating impact of domestic violence, saying, “Her life was snuffed out by domestic violence at the highest level.”

The Genesee County Medical Examiner’s Office played a crucial role in identifying McWhirter. Through DNA results and dental records, they were able to confirm her identity beyond any doubt.

During the press conference, Sheriff Swanson revealed that McWhirter had been killed by blunt force. Her body had been concealed in the woods in St. Charles Township between October 14 and October 17. A hunter training a bird dog stumbled upon the partially decomposed body, and the clothing matched what McWhirter was reportedly wearing when she disappeared.

Swanson expressed his condolences to McWhirter’s grieving family and hoped that the news of her identification would bring them some closure. He acknowledged the unsettling fact that her body had remained undiscovered for 45 days, but he emphasized that now is the time for healing and moving forward.

The community is left grappling with the tragic loss of a woman described as having a great demeanor and a great personality. The investigation is ongoing, and while the sheriff does not believe anyone else was involved in McWhirter’s death, authorities are conducting thorough checks to ensure all possibilities are explored.

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