Manpreet Singh and Arun : “Two motorcyclists killed in collision near Lohara Bridge in Ludhiana, police say (Representational photo)”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Two motorcyclists tragically lost their lives in a fatal collision near Lohara Bridge in Ludhiana on Sunday night, according to local authorities. The incident has left the community in shock and mourning as they come to terms with the devastating loss.

The victims have been identified as Manpreet Singh and Arun, while Manpreet’s brother, Gurpreet Singh, miraculously survived the accident but sustained severe injuries. The incident occurred as the trio was making their way towards the Barewal locality of the town. As they approached Lohara Bridge, a speeding motorcycle collided with their two-wheelers, resulting in the heartbreaking loss of lives.

Eyewitnesses immediately rushed Gurpreet and Arun to the nearest hospital, hoping to save their lives. Unfortunately, Arun succumbed to his injuries, leaving the medical staff devastated by their inability to save him. Meanwhile, Manpreet’s life was tragically cut short at the scene of the collision, leaving everyone in shock and disbelief.

The local civil hospital has admitted a pillion rider from one of the motorcycles in a serious condition, where medical professionals are working tirelessly to provide the necessary care and treatment. The entire community is holding onto hope for the recovery of the injured individual, praying for their strength and resilience during this difficult time.

The incident has raised concerns about road safety and the need for increased vigilance on the part of both motorists and pedestrians. Authorities are urging everyone to exercise caution and follow traffic rules to prevent further tragedies like this from occurring.

As the community mourns the loss of two promising lives, it serves as a reminder for everyone to prioritize safety on the roads. The impact of this accident will reverberate throughout the community, emphasizing the importance of awareness and responsible driving.

In the wake of this devastating incident, it is imperative that the community comes together to support the affected families. The loss of loved ones in such tragic circumstances is unimaginable, and their grief will undoubtedly be long-lasting. As a community, it is crucial that we extend our utmost support and solidarity to those affected, offering a shoulder to lean on during this difficult journey of healing and recovery.

Let this tragedy serve as a wake-up call for all of us to prioritize road safety, ensuring that no more lives are lost due to preventable accidents. Together, we can create a safer environment for everyone and strive towards a future where such heartbreaking incidents are a thing of the past.

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