Milazzo Gianluca : “Italian National Found Dead in Khlong Luang Village Following Brutal Assault”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Tragedy struck a quiet village in Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, on Saturday when the lifeless body of an Italian national was discovered following a brutal assault with an iron pipe. The police in Khlong Luang were alerted to the crime and immediately launched an investigation.

The deceased was identified as 50-year-old Milazzo Gianluca, an Italian man who had been living alone. Close to the crime scene, the police found an 80-centimeter iron pipe smeared with blood, believed to be the murder weapon.

According to the police report, the incident was reported by a 38-year-old juristic person named Kanokphon Wechasamphan on December 2. Kanokphon found the body in front of a house and promptly informed the police. It was revealed that Milazzo had been facing financial issues as his residence was recently foreclosed by the bank and his water and electricity had been cut off.

“Previously, Milazzo had numerous heated arguments with his neighbor living on the opposite side of his house, which resulted in court action,” Kanokphon shared.

The investigation took a significant turn when a 55-year-old neighbor, known only as Phongsapat, confessed to the crime. Phongsapat revealed that he held Milazzo responsible for his son’s incarceration. The two had a dispute over the placement of a rubbish bin, which escalated into a major confrontation.

According to the police, Phongsapat visited his son in prison and returned harboring intense resentment towards Milazzo, whom he believed was the reason for his son’s imprisonment. In a fit of rage, Phongsapat attacked Milazzo with an iron pipe while he was standing in front of his house.

Phongsapat was taken into custody by the Khlong Luang police and transported to the police station, where he will face legal proceedings and criminal charges for his crime.

In a related incident, a Thai man in the northern province of Lampang punched his neighbor to death in a dispute over dog waste. These recent incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully and avoiding the escalation of disputes.

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