Muhammad Hani Al Zahar : “Palestinian Propaganda Pushers Share Misleading Video of Infant’s Death: Fact Check Reveals the Truth”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Pankaj Menon, a fact-checker based in Delhi, has gained recognition for his expertise in debunking misinformation through his digital sleuthing skills. With a Master’s degree in International Relations from Madras University, Menon has worked with prominent media organizations such as NDTV, Times Now, and Deccan Chronicle online.

Leading the editorial, operations, and initiatives at Newschecker is Ruby, who brings a wealth of experience from her previous role at NDTV, India’s leading national news network. As a news anchor, supervising producer, and senior output editor, Ruby has covered significant events including conflict zones, terror incidents, election campaigns, and gender issues. Her exceptional career spans over a decade and includes notable accomplishments such as an Emmy nomination for her work as a producer. She has also handled both local and international assignments, including coverage of the Arab Spring in 2011, the US Presidential elections in 2016, and ground reportage on the Kashmir issue since 2009.

Recently, Newschecker conducted a meticulous analysis of a viral video that depicted a man holding up a toy baby, falsely claimed to be a deceased child. Through their investigation, they discovered that the video contained the watermark of a handle called ‘omar_aldirawi’. Further examination led them to an Instagram page belonging to Palestinian journalist Omar Aldirawi, where the same video had been posted on December 1, 2023. The caption on the page clarified that the baby was a 5-month-old Palestinian infant who had fallen victim to an Israeli airstrike.

To substantiate their findings, Newschecker delved into the comment section of the posts, where they found a user sharing an image from Getty Images showing the same baby. The image was credited to Anadolou, a Turkey-based state-run news agency, with the caption identifying the child as Muhammad Hani Al Zahar. The photographer, Ali Jadallah, was also identified. Additional images on the Getty Images website showed the mourning mother and grandfather of the deceased child. Newschecker further discovered the Instagram page of the photographer, featuring a similar photograph with a detailed caption about the tragic incident.

In conclusion, the viral claims suggesting that the baby in the video was a plastic doll are false. The baby was, in fact, a 5-month-old Palestinian infant who tragically lost his life during an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. By diligently fact-checking and providing evidence to debunk misinformation, Newschecker continues to play a crucial role in ensuring accurate reporting.

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