Pannaram Dahikar Deepanshu Sahu Piyush Kushwah : “Liquor addict rescued from tree near mental hospital; family refuses to take him back”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Nagpur: A middle-aged man caused quite a commotion on Sunday when he climbed to the top of a tree near the Regional Mental Hospital at Nelson Square. Onlookers mistook him for a patient from the mental hospital and immediately alerted the police and fire brigade. After a daring rescue operation, the man, identified as Pannaram Dahikar, was brought down safely.

However, Dahikar’s troubles didn’t end there. When his family was contacted, they shockingly refused to take him back. This left authorities in a predicament, as they now had to figure out what to do with Dahikar. It was evident that his struggles with addiction had taken a toll on his life, leaving him without a support system.

In a separate incident, a tragic case of teenage desperation unfolded in Moholi near Kalmeshwar. Sixteen-year-old Deepanshu Sahu resorted to taking his own life by hanging himself from the ceiling of a farmhouse. The reason behind this heartbreaking act was his father’s refusal to buy him an android phone. It is a stark reminder of the impact technology and material possessions can have on the vulnerable minds of young individuals.

Another teenager, Piyush Kushwah, also met a tragic end in New Kamptee. The 17-year-old hanged himself near a railway track following a dispute with his mother over a breakfast menu. These incidents shed light on the importance of open communication and support within families, as small disagreements should never escalate to such devastating consequences.

In recent news, a 30-year-old biker lost his life in a fatal accident on Diamond Harbour Road near Behala Chowrasta. CCTV footage revealed that a mini-truck had collided with the bike, causing the biker to lose control and skid. This incident marks the seventh fatal accident on the Taratala-Joka stretch this year, highlighting the need for improved road safety measures.

Additionally, a 40-year-old woman in Mumbai has been booked for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy. The incident occurred at her Tardeo residence, and the boy is a relative of her husband. This case serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of minors and the importance of protecting them from any form of abuse.

These recent incidents highlight the challenges and struggles faced by individuals in society. It is essential for communities to come together and support those who are in need, whether it be battling addiction, addressing mental health issues, or providing a safe environment for young individuals.

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