The victims or deceased names are: – 11-year-old girl – 12-year-old boy – 44-year-old woman – Man in his 30s : “Man Kills Four Relatives, Sets House on Fire, Stabs Police in New York City Rampage”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Tragedy struck the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, New York, in the early hours of Sunday morning when a man went on a knife-wielding rampage, brutally murdering four of his relatives, including two innocent children. The horrifying incident unfolded when a distressed young female called 911, pleading for help as her cousin embarked on a killing spree within their family home. NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey revealed during a press briefing that officers swiftly responded to the distress call, only to be confronted by a man attempting to flee the scene with luggage.

Without warning, the suspect brandished a knife and launched a frenzied attack on the officers. One officer sustained stab wounds to his neck and chest, while the other officer suffered a deep laceration to his head. In an act of self-defense, one of the officers discharged his weapon, fatally shooting the assailant. Tragically, the violence had already claimed the life of an 11-year-old girl, who was discovered outside the residence and later succumbed to her stab wounds at a nearby hospital.

The chaotic scene further unfolded as firefighters battled to extinguish a raging fire that had engulfed the living room and foyer, preventing immediate access to the crime scene. Once inside, authorities discovered three more victims who had fallen victim to the assailant’s deadly spree: a 12-year-old boy, a 44-year-old woman, and a man in his 30s. Another woman, aged 61, was found gravely injured, fighting for her life with multiple stab wounds.

While the injured officers are expected to recover from their harrowing ordeal, the community is left reeling from the senseless loss of life. The suspect has been identified as 38-year-old Courtney Gordon, who had been visiting the family from his home in the Bronx. The authorities have not yet released the names of the victims.

This shocking incident follows closely on the heels of another tragic knife attack in the Bronx, where a college student suffering from auditory hallucinations claimed the lives of his father, his 5-year-old half-brother, and the child’s mother.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of these horrifying events, law enforcement agencies and local support networks are rallying together to provide assistance and comfort to the grieving families. The bravery and quick-thinking of the responding officers have been hailed as extraordinary, as they managed to neutralize the threat despite sustaining serious injuries themselves. The investigation into the motive behind these heinous crimes is ongoing, as the community seeks answers and solace in the wake of this unimaginable tragedy.

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