The victims or deceased names are not mentioned in the given text. : “Conman Poses as ‘Mantrik’, Cheats Businessman of Rs 18 Lakh in Pune”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Conman and Accomplices Dupe Businessman of Rs 18 Lakh in Pune

In a shocking incident, a businessman from Hadapsar near Pune fell victim to a conman and his accomplices who posed as police personnel. The 43-year-old businessman, whose name has not been disclosed, lodged a complaint with the Hadapsar police station on Sunday. The police have identified four individuals involved in the scam as Baba Ayra Shab, Madhuri More, Rocky Vaidya, and Kishor Pandagale. A search operation has been initiated to apprehend the accused.

According to the police, the complainant is engaged in the plastic moulding and construction business and resides in Ram Nagar, Hadapsar. The fraudster, claiming to possess mystical powers as a ‘mantrik’, approached the businessman and convinced him to invest Rs 18 lakh. In return, the conman promised to multiply the amount by ‘raining’ Rs 5 crore.

On Saturday night, the conman performed a ritual at a bungalow located in the Sasane Nagar area of Hadapsar. The unsuspecting businessman arrived at the venue carrying a bag filled with Rs 18 lakh in cash. While the ritual was in progress, a group of individuals disguised as police officers raided the location and seized the bag containing the cash. The culprits swiftly fled the scene with both the money and the conman.

Realizing that he had been swindled, the businessman promptly approached the police for assistance. Senior police inspector Ravindra Shelke and sub-inspector Avinash Shinde visited the crime scene to initiate an investigation into the matter.

Such incidents of fraud and deception have become alarmingly common, with conmen exploiting innocent individuals for their financial gain. It is crucial for people to remain vigilant and exercise caution when dealing with strangers offering lucrative schemes or promising extraordinary returns on investments.

Authorities are urging the public to report any suspicious activities and provide information that could help in the apprehension of the fraudsters. Meanwhile, the investigation into this case is ongoing, and efforts are being made to bring the perpetrators to justice.

It is essential for individuals to be wary of such scams and verify the credibility of those claiming to possess supernatural powers or promising unrealistic returns. By staying informed and alert, people can protect themselves from falling victim to such fraudulent schemes.

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