There are no victims or deceased names mentioned in the given text. : “Neighbors Concerned About Safety Hazards of Vacant Homes in Denver”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Neighbors in Denver are expressing concerns about the potential dangers posed by vacant homes in their neighborhoods. One resident, Turpana Molina, who lives next door to a vacant home on York Street, is worried about the safety hazards that the property presents. He has noticed people seeking shelter in the vacant house during the winter months and starting fires, which can be dangerous if not done properly. Molina’s concerns are shared by other neighbors who fear that the fires could spread to adjacent properties and cause damage or harm to residents.

The vacant home on York Street is just one of the 97 properties listed as Neglected and Derelict buildings by the City of Denver. These properties are privately owned but have been deemed unsafe due to various reasons such as being unoccupied for an extended period or being a neighborhood nuisance. The city regularly inspects these buildings to ensure they are secure and not accessible. However, the dangers posed by abandoned homes are not only to the community but also to firefighters. When responding to fires in vacant structures, firefighters face unknown risks such as unstable walls or floors and the possibility of encountering squatters. Additionally, the lack of occupants in these homes means that fires can go unnoticed for longer periods, allowing them to grow and potentially spread to adjacent structures.

Fire crews in Denver have already battled a blaze at a two-story abandoned house near 6th Avenue and Bannock Street in September. Thankfully, no one was injured in that incident. However, it highlights the potential dangers that vacant properties can pose to both the community and firefighters.

The City of Denver takes these concerns seriously and encourages residents to report any issues or concerns they have about neglected or derelict buildings. Inspectors respond to these reports promptly and take appropriate action to address any safety hazards. By addressing these concerns and ensuring the safety of vacant properties, the city aims to protect both the community and emergency responders from the potential dangers they pose.

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