Victims or deceased names: 1. Michal Herzog 2. Mahsa Amini : “Feminist groups accused of turning a blind eye to sexual violence against Israeli women in October attacks”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : French feminist groups have faced criticism for allegedly ignoring the sexual violence committed against Israeli women during the October 7 attacks by Hamas. The accusation highlights the conflicting narratives and allegiances that arise from the conflict and the failure to promptly investigate the specific gender-based nature of the violence. The focus on the violence inflicted on Israeli women triggered an incident at the annual November 25 march in Paris. A group of around 200 protesters, some carrying Israeli flags, claimed they were confronted by pro-Palestinian activists and prevented from joining the march. The protesters had planned to denounce the silence of feminist groups and carry the voices of the Israeli victims of Hamas. The incident, which was widely reported on social media, contributed to the criticism of alleged bias among women’s rights advocates. The organisers of the Paris march responded by condemning the sexual crimes committed by Hamas and accusing far-right activists of trying to discredit them. Similar complaints have been made in other Western countries and in Israel, with rights groups and international organisations, including UN Women, facing scrutiny for their failure to condemn the violence against women during the October 7 attacks. The Israeli government has been seeking greater recognition and support for the victims of sexual violence, launching social media campaigns and appeals to feminists. However, war crimes experts stress the need for an independent and thorough investigation into the crimes committed on October 7, as corroborating evidence is necessary. Women’s rights groups in Israel have also warned of significant failings in preserving forensic evidence that could have shed light on the scale of sexual violence. The Israeli government and civil society groups have been working to push for the investigation and recognition of the gender-based violence overlooked by international organisations and the Israeli government.

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