Alimuna Ansari, 35 Unnamed mother, 55 : “38-Year-Old Man Arrested for Strangling Wife to Death in Thane After Dispute”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Thane: A tragic incident unfolded on Monday in the town of Titwala, located in Maharashtra’s Thane district, as a 38-year-old man allegedly strangled his 35-year-old wife to death following a heated domestic quarrel. The accused, identified as Mayuddin, was subsequently arrested by the police.

Mayuddin, who worked as a rickshaw-puller in Titwala, had been facing frequent conflicts with his wife over domestic issues for the past few months, according to the authorities. On that fateful day, like any other day, an argument escalated into a violent confrontation. In a fit of rage, Mayuddin assaulted his wife with a stick before proceeding to strangle her, as revealed by an officer familiar with the case.

Upon receiving information about the incident, a team from the Titwala police station swiftly arrived at the scene. They took custody of the deceased’s body and apprehended the accused. A case has been registered against Mayuddin at the Titwala police station, and further investigation is currently underway, according to the officer.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident in the region. Just recently, another distressing case occurred in Thane district, where a man allegedly killed his 55-year-old mother following an argument over her failure to serve him tasty food. The incident took place in Velu village, Murbad taluka, on a Sunday evening. The mother and son had a history of frequent quarrels over domestic matters.

During the argument, the accused grew furious and attacked his mother with a sickle, causing her to collapse and pass away, according to the police. Concerned neighbors promptly alerted the authorities, who arrived at the scene and sent the body for post-mortem examination at a government hospital. The accused, who allegedly consumed an overdose of sleeping pills after the incident, was hospitalized by relatives and has not yet been arrested.

A case has been registered against the accused under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code. The authorities are actively investigating the matter to uncover all the details surrounding this tragic incident.

These distressing incidents underscore the need for increased awareness and efforts to address domestic conflicts and promote peaceful resolutions. The authorities must work diligently to ensure justice is served and take preventive measures to avoid such incidents in the future.

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