Aman Singh : Jailer and Five Prison Staff Suspended After Murder Accused Shot Dead

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Jailer and Prison Staff Suspended After Murder Accused Shot Dead in Dhanbad Jail

In a shocking incident, a murder accused named Aman Singh was shot dead inside Dhanbad Jail on Sunday. Following the incident, a jailer and five prison staff members have been suspended, while the contracts of two others have been terminated. The authorities have taken strict action against the officials and personnel responsible for the incident.

According to the police, the shooting occurred as a result of a dispute among inmates. Aman Singh, who was one of the accused in the Dhanbad deputy mayor murder case, lost his life in the altercation. The incident has raised serious concerns about the security and safety measures in the prison.

Dhanbad Deputy Commissioner, Barun Ranjan, addressed the media and stated, “The administration has identified the lapses of the officials and personnel that led to this unfortunate incident. Jailer Md Mustkin Ansari has been suspended, and departmental action has been recommended against him. Additionally, five prison staff members have been suspended, and the contracts of two others have been terminated.”

In response to the incident, the authorities have also recommended the transfer of Dhanbad Jail Superintendent, M Barua, and the relocation of 23 prisoners to other jails in the state. The investigation is still ongoing, and one of the main accused in the shooting case, Sunder Mahto, is currently being interrogated.

Four FIRs have been filed in relation to the incident, and the hospital ward where the shooting took place has been barricaded. The authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to uncover the truth and ensure the safety of the inmates.

This incident serves as a wake-up call for prison authorities to reinforce security measures and prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The safety of both inmates and staff should be the utmost priority, and immediate action must be taken to address any lapses in security protocols.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and the authorities are determined to bring the culprits to justice. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the need for stricter regulations and improved supervision within the prison system.

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