Courtney Gordon, Richmond Davis, Suzette Taylor-Davis, Rojean Davis, Mikklia James : “Family Suspects Mental Health Issues in Queens Stabbing Rampage”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Suspect’s Family Members Speak Out About Queens Stabbing Rampage

QUEENS – The family of 38-year-old Courtney Gordon, the suspect in Sunday’s tragic stabbing rampage at a Queens home, has revealed that they had suspected he was suffering from mental health issues earlier this year. According to family members, Gordon’s erratic behavior had become increasingly concerning, forcing his aunt and cousin to lock their doors at night while Gordon was staying with them. They even installed security cameras in their home to ensure their safety.

“We just told him he can’t be here anymore because he’s causing too much trouble,” said Sean McKoy, Gordon’s cousin.

McKoy further explained that they had attempted to get Gordon help by reaching out to mental health workers, but he refused their assistance. Gordon’s behavior continued to decline, leading to the tragic events that unfolded on Sunday.

Police reported that Gordon stabbed four of his family members to death, identified as Richmond Davis, Suzette Taylor-Davis, and their two children, Rojean Davis and Mikklia James. Gordon’s aunt, who had taken him in, remains in critical condition after being stabbed multiple times.

After the horrific incident, Gordon set fire to the front of the house before fleeing with a suitcase. When two NYPD officers responded to the scene, he attacked them as well. One officer was forced to use lethal force to stop Gordon, who was later pronounced dead at a hospital. A kitchen knife was recovered at the scene.

The two officers were treated for their injuries and have since been released. The New York Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation has launched an inquiry into Gordon’s death.

McKoy revealed that he and his mother had also allowed Gordon to live with them in the Bronx for a few months, but they eventually had to evict him due to his frequent outbursts and uncontrollable anger. McKoy’s mother, who declined to appear on camera, believes that their decision may have saved their lives.

“I just wanted him out because when someone has mental issues, you never know when they’re going to flip,” she said.

Gordon’s aunt in Far Rockaway had recently taken him in after he had been staying in homeless shelters following his separation from his wife.

The two officers who intervened during the rampage are being hailed as heroes for their brave actions. One officer has 16 years of experience, while the other has served for 28 years.

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