Daorung Klinhom : “Fatal Drink Driving Accident: Inebriated Police Officer Kills Motorcyclist in Kanchanaburi”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : A tragic incident occurred in Kanchanaburi when a police officer, who was heavily intoxicated, caused a fatal drink driving accident. The officer, driving his pick-up truck, collided with a motorcycle, instantly killing the rider. Tests revealed that the officer had a blood alcohol level of 300 milligrammes per decilitre (mg/dL), which is six times over the legal limit of 50 mg/dL.

The Tha Muang police were alerted to the accident on Sunday around 4 pm after receiving multiple reports from concerned witnesses. The accident took place on Ban Tham-Muang Chum road in Tambon Muang Chum of Tha Muang district.

The deceased motorcycle rider was identified as Daorung Klinhom, a 48-year-old woman. Following the collision, Daorung lost control of her motorcycle, leading to her death and scattering her belongings across the road.

At the scene, a Toyota pickup truck, driven by 35-year-old Police Sub-Lieutenant Somya Bantaotuk, was found 5 metres away from the tragic scene. Pol. Sub-Lt. Somya, a deputy superintendent of Kanchanaburi Provincial Police, remained inside the vehicle out of fear of potential retaliation from the gathered crowd.

After the incident, Pol. Sub-Lt. Somya was taken to Tha Muang Police Station for questioning. Security camera footage revealed that Daorung was riding in the leftmost lane when Pol. Sub-Lt. Somya abruptly swerved into her from the fast lane.

Daorung’s remains were sent to Ratchaburi Hospital for a postmortem examination. Thidarat Klinhom, Daorung’s daughter, pleaded with the investigating officers not to show any favoritism towards Pol. Sub-Lt. Somya due to their shared profession.

In response, Pol. Col. Surayut Mekmungkorn, Kanchanaburi Provincial Police’s superintendent and Pol. Sub-Lt. Somya’s superior, assured the public that a committee had been formed to investigate the case. He promised a thorough and unbiased investigation.

In related news, a viral video captured a drunk-driving Buddhist monk causing a traffic altercation. The monk has been charged with drunk driving, and a damage settlement is pending.

This tragic incident highlights the dangers of drink driving and the devastating consequences it can have. It serves as a reminder for both law enforcement officers and the general public to prioritize road safety and never drive under the influence of alcohol.

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