Joan Morrison : “Fate Revealed: Sleepy Hollow Police Officer Demoted Following Investigation”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Recently, the Sleepy Hollow Police Department was rocked by allegations against one of its officers, Lieutenant Stephen Dougherty. An investigation spanning several months was launched after claims were made regarding his conduct. The allegations came to light when Joan Morrison, the wife of Officer Clifford Morrison, reported that Dougherty had “groped” her at a family gathering six years ago.

According to a report by Lohud, the investigation began in the late Spring after Mrs. Morrison wrote to village officials about the incident. Officer Morrison also alleged that Dougherty had subjected him to “retaliatory treatment” following the incident. As the investigation progressed, other instances and allegations of misconduct were brought forward against Dougherty.

One incident that came to light involved Dougherty engaging in sexual activity with a woman in a police car while on duty, shortly after his promotion from sergeant to lieutenant in 2020. News 12: Hudson Valley reported on this incident, as well as another incident in 2021 where Dougherty used a police car off-duty to transport a female officer to a “fire promotion celebration,” during which alcohol was brought along.

What sets this investigation apart is that the specific findings related to Stephen Dougherty have not been made public, as pointed out by Lohud. However, on November 28, the Sleepy Hollow Village Board of Trustees held a meeting where they approved a “disciplinary agreement.” The identity of the disciplined individual was not initially disclosed, but Mayor Martin Rutyna recently issued a press release confirming Dougherty’s demotion from lieutenant to administrative sergeant.

The press release stated that Dougherty accepted the demotion “in the face of disciplinary charges,” and Police Chief Bueti will continue working with the department to move forward after the investigation.

While the investigation’s details remain confidential, the disclosure of Dougherty’s demotion sheds light on the seriousness of the allegations against him. This incident has raised questions about the transparency of police disciplinary processes and the need for accountability within law enforcement.

As Sleepy Hollow moves forward, it is crucial for the community to rebuild trust in its police department and ensure that incidents like this are thoroughly addressed and prevented in the future. The Sleepy Hollow Police Department must work towards establishing clear guidelines and protocols to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and conduct among its officers.

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