Phanuchaya Niamthong : “Police Race Against Time to Catch Brutal Murderer taunting Cops with Facebook Riddle”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Police in Kanchanaburi are in a race against time to capture a ruthless murderer who killed a transgender woman in what appears to be a robbery. The suspect, who seems to be a fan of serial killer movies, shocked authorities and the victim’s friends by using her stolen phone to post a disturbing riddle on her Facebook account, asking, “Do you know who the killer is?”

The victim, Phanuchaya Niamthong, 38 years old, worked at a local department store. Her lifeless body was found in her bedroom, lying face down on her bed with a pillow covering the back of her head. A close-range gunshot had pierced the pillow and struck her left cheek. Police found a spent shell casing near the bed, which they collected as evidence.

In a macabre twist, the perpetrator locked the doors from the inside and used a master key to lock the main gate from the outside before fleeing the scene. It was discovered that several items were missing, including a 2-baht-weight gold ring, two mobile phones, a collection of coins worth 5,000 baht, and the keys to her motorbike and house.

The murder case, which occurred yesterday, is being investigated from two angles: robbery and a possible troubled relationship. Phanuchaya often brought male friends to her home, which may have given the killer knowledge of her belongings and where she kept valuables.

Police are currently seeking to question her close male friends, as well as reviewing CCTV footage from nearby cameras in the hopes of identifying any suspicious vehicles linked to the suspect.

Adding to the horror, a colleague of the deceased discovered a chilling status update on Phanuchaya’s Facebook account shortly after news of her death spread. The post, which was not there prior to the incident, asked, “Do you know who killed Ariya?” accompanied by a smiling emoji. Ariya was an alias Phanuchaya used on one of her Facebook profiles. This led to speculation that the suspect used the stolen phone to mock law enforcement and taunt them about their inability to apprehend him.

The police are working diligently to solve this heinous crime and bring justice to the victim. As the investigation unfolds, they hope to gather more evidence and leads to identify the murderer and ensure that such a tragedy does not happen again in Kanchanaburi.

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