Rajesh Mukhiya, Rambrij Mukhiya, Shambhu Mukhiya, Ram Balak, Lakhu : “Eight Feared Dead as Corn Bags Crush Workers in Vijayapura Warehouse”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Vijayapura, a city in India, was shaken by a tragic incident that resulted in the death of at least eight individuals. The incident occurred on December 4 in an industrial area of the city, where a massive pile of corn bags collapsed onto a group of laborers working in a private warehouse. The victims, all hailing from Bihar, were buried under hundreds of corn bags, leading to their untimely demise.

Among the deceased, five individuals have been identified as Rajesh Mukhiya (25), Rambrij Mukhiya (29), Shambhu Mukhiya (26), Ram Balak (52), and Lakhu (45). Rescue operations swiftly commenced at 6 pm on Monday, with the district in-charge Minister MB Patil rushing to the scene from Belagavi, where he was attending an assembly session.

Minister Patil expressed remorse over the tragic incident, highlighting that the workers were from another state. The primary focus at the moment is to retrieve the bodies and conduct autopsies before sending them to their respective states in coordination with the local administration. While the exact cause of the incident remains unknown, an investigation will be conducted to ascertain the circumstances leading to the collapse.

Additionally, Minister Patil assured that if the warehouse owner is found to be at fault, appropriate legal action will be taken against them. He has already notified the Chief Minister about the incident, emphasizing the need for financial aid to be provided to the victims’ families. Patil also emphasized that the warehouse owner holds the responsibility of compensating the victims and pledged efforts to ensure their rightful compensation.

Amidst the tragedy, there was a glimmer of hope as one person was rescued from the wreckage. The survivor is currently receiving medical treatment and is considered to be out of danger. However, reports have surfaced regarding a similar incident occurring in the same warehouse in the past, resulting in the death of two individuals. Minister Patil vowed to conduct a thorough inquiry into these reports and ensure that justice is served.

The city of Vijayapura mourns the loss of these lives and stands in solidarity with the families affected by this devastating incident. The authorities will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice, promising to hold accountable those responsible for the mishap.

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