Sayoni Dubey, Jaya Shakya : Tragedy Strikes as HCLTech Employees’ Weekend Getaway Ends in Fatal Accident

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Tragedy Strikes as HCLTech Employees Meet with an Accident in Nainital

NAINITAL: A group of 21 HCLTech employees had their weekend getaway to the hills turn into a nightmare when the vehicle they were traveling in lost control and overturned near Ghatgarh on the Nainital-Kaladhungi road. The incident occurred around 5.30 pm on Sunday, leaving two young women dead and two others in critical condition. However, it was fortunate that the vehicle hit the roadside divider and did not plunge into the deep gorge below.

The group, consisting of 14 men and seven women, had arrived in Nainital on Saturday for a personal leisure trip. Tragedy struck as they were returning to the National Capital Region (NCR) when the accident occurred. According to the police, the accident was caused by brake failure and took place about 6 km before Kaladhungi. The driver of the vehicle also sustained injuries in the incident.

The deceased have been identified as Sayoni Dubey, 28, and Jaya Shakya, 23. The loss of these young lives has left the HCLTech community in shock and mourning. The company is providing support and assistance to the affected employees and their families during this difficult time.

Road accidents continue to be a major concern in India, with thousands of lives lost every year due to vehicle mishaps. It is crucial for authorities to prioritize road safety measures and ensure that vehicles are regularly inspected to prevent such tragic incidents.

The incident serves as a reminder for everyone to prioritize safety while traveling, especially on hilly terrains. Regular maintenance of vehicles, adherence to speed limits, and the use of seat belts can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

The local police are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident to determine the exact cause of the brake failure and any other contributing factors. It is important to hold accountable those responsible for negligence or inadequate maintenance to prevent similar incidents in the future.

As the affected employees and their families come to terms with this tragedy, it is important for the HCLTech community and society as a whole to come together and provide support. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the deceased and the injured, and we hope for a speedy recovery for those who are currently in critical condition. May this incident serve as a wake-up call for improved road safety measures and stricter enforcement of regulations to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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