The victim’s name is not mentioned in the provided text. : “Woman Arrested for Assisting Boyfriend in Robbery and Vicious Assault at Antioch Wingstop”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Antioch, Tennessee – A horrifying incident unfolded at an Antioch Wingstop in November when a woman assisted her boyfriend in a robbery and “vicious assault,” leading to their arrest. Charmaine Greer, 25, and her boyfriend, Antonio Jefferson, 33, were captured on video breaking into the back kitchen of the Wingstop on Hamilton Crossing on Nov. 7.

According to an interview with News 2, the employee revealed that she was changing oil and returned to the kitchen where she was confronted by the two suspects. Jefferson, armed with a metal pole, struck the victim in the head with it, as seen in the surveillance footage. Both Greer and Jefferson proceeded to engage in a brutal attack against the victim, who is in her 50s, according to Metro police. The employee recounted that the pair repeatedly demanded she open the safe, but when she refused, Greer stole her wallet.

During the altercation, the employee heard Jefferson threatening Greer to “just shoot her” multiple times as she lay defenseless on the floor, causing her to plead for her life. The assault left the victim with injuries to her head, arms, and hands, and she was rushed to a local hospital. The employee’s family members, including her 3-year-old grandson, discovered her in the store.

After the assault, Greer and Jefferson fled towards nearby condos, threatening to shoot the victim later since they claimed to know where she lived. Surveillance video captured the duo in front of a hotel, where Greer’s mother had allegedly rented a room. Metro police are currently investigating Greer’s mother, who was the new manager of the Wingstop, for embezzlement from the restaurant.

Greer was identified as a suspect after her mother pointed out her resemblance in the surveillance footage. Metro police revealed that Greer has been arrested at least seven times in Nashville, with charges including multiple assaults. On December 4, she was taken into custody and now faces two felony robbery charges. Greer remains in Metro Jail on a $101,000 bond.

This shocking incident highlights the need for improved security measures in businesses and serves as a reminder of the potential dangers faced by employees. The victim’s bravery in refusing to comply with the robbers’ demands and her family’s timely intervention played a crucial role in bringing the perpetrators to justice. The community hopes that this arrest will bring a sense of relief and safety to all those affected by this traumatic event.

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