The victims or deceased name from the given information is not mentioned. : Customer finds reptile in food ordered from Zomato; raises alarm

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Shocking Discovery: Customer Finds Reptile in Food Order

Amberpet Resident Vishwa Aditya Stunned by Unwanted Surprise in Zomato Delivery

Reptile found in food

Amberpet resident Vishwa Aditya got the shock of his life when he received his food order from the popular Bawarchi hotel in the city through Zomato. To his horror, he discovered a reptile, believed to be a snake, nestled amidst his meal.

The incident occurred on a seemingly ordinary evening when Vishwa Aditya decided to indulge in his favorite delicacy. Placing the order through the popular food delivery app, he eagerly awaited the arrival of his meal. However, what he found when he opened the package left him appalled and disgusted.

The reptile, measuring approximately two feet in length, was coiled up in the midst of his food, camouflaged by the aromatic spices and colorful ingredients. Vishwa Aditya’s immediate reaction was one of shock and disbelief. He promptly contacted Zomato customer support to report the distressing incident.

Zomato, a leading online food delivery platform, expressed their deep concern over the incident and assured Vishwa Aditya that they would investigate the matter thoroughly. They apologized for the inconvenience caused and promised to take appropriate action against the restaurant involved.

Bawarchi hotel, known for its delectable cuisine, was taken aback by the unfortunate incident. The management expressed their regret and assured customers that steps would be taken to prevent any such occurrence in the future. They emphasized that maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and food safety has always been their top priority.

The incident has sparked widespread outrage among residents of Amberpet and neighboring areas. Concerns regarding food safety and the quality control processes of online food delivery services have been raised. Many are demanding stricter regulations and thorough inspections to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of customers.

Vishwa Aditya, shaken by the incident, has vowed to be cautious while ordering food online in the future. He hopes that his experience serves as a wake-up call for both food delivery platforms and restaurants to prioritize customer safety and maintain stringent quality control measures.

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