364 lives were snuffed out in the road accidents in Ludhiana in 2022. : “Speeding Causes 258 Road Accidents in Ludhiana, Resulting in 364 Deaths: NCRB Data”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Ludhiana: Speeding was identified as the cause of 258 out of the 467 road accidents that occurred in Ludhiana in 2022, according to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). These accidents resulted in the loss of 364 lives and left 174 people injured. However, there was a slight decrease in the number of road accidents compared to the previous year, which recorded 478 accidents.

The statistics revealed that individuals traveling on two-wheelers were the most affected, with 188 fatalities and 112 injuries in these accidents. SUV/car/jeep-related accidents claimed the lives of 21 individuals. Additionally, five truck/mini-truck drivers and five auto-rickshaw commuters lost their lives in accidents. Nineteen cyclists also met with fatal accidents, highlighting the vulnerability of pedestrians, with 119 pedestrian deaths reported. The NCRB report emphasized that two-wheelers accounted for more fatalities compared to other modes of transportation.

The primary cause behind more than half of the accidents was speeding, which resulted in 183 deaths and 118 injuries. Rash driving caused 118 accidents, leading to the death of 83 individuals and injuries to 51. Stray animals were responsible for 19 mishaps, claiming the lives of 23 people and injuring one. Vehicle or machinery defects caused four fatal accidents, driving under the influence resulted in two, poor visibility caused seven accidents, and driver fatigue led to two accidents. Poor road infrastructure also contributed to four fatal accidents, while dangerous parking caused seven accidents, resulting in eight deaths.

Comparing Ludhiana with other major cities in the region, Chandigarh reported 238 accidents, resulting in 83 deaths, while Amritsar recorded 117 accidents, claiming 82 lives. Further analysis of the data revealed that 152 accidents occurred on national highways, leading to 128 fatalities, while 42 accidents took place on state highways, resulting in 35 deaths. The majority of accidents, 273 in total, occurred on other roads, leading to 201 deaths and 109 injuries.

Road safety expert Kamaljit Soi expressed concern over the lack of fear of the law in Ludhiana. He noted that individuals are not wearing helmets, which contributes to the high number of fatal accidents. Soi suggested that the only solution to this problem is strict law enforcement by the traffic police.

In conclusion, the data from the NCRB highlights the alarming number of road accidents in Ludhiana, with speeding being the primary cause. The high number of fatalities, especially among two-wheeler riders, underscores the urgent need for stricter law enforcement and increased road safety measures.

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