Agyeman Anthony : “Four-Year-Old Pupil Drowns in 10-Foot Manhole at Top High Academy International School”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Tragedy Strikes as Four-Year-Old Boy Drowns in School Manhole

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a four-year-old pupil named Agyeman Anthony from the Top High Academy International School in Abidjan-Nkwanta, Ashanti Region, has lost his life after falling into a 10-feet manhole filled with water. The incident occurred on November 30, 2023, around 4pm, leaving the school community in shock and mourning.

The lifeless body of little Anthony has been transported to the St. Michael Hospital mortuary at Pramso for preservation, where it awaits an autopsy while police investigations are underway. The Kuntanase District Police, confirming the tragic death, have stated that they will be summoning the school authorities for questioning as part of their inquiry into the incident.

The incident was reported to the police by Kofi Amoako, who received the distressing news from the deceased child’s mother, Joyce Mensah. Efforts were made to save Anthony’s life, as he was rushed to the nearby Royal Gate Hospital. However, upon arrival, medical professionals pronounced him dead.

A visit to the hospital by law enforcement officers, accompanied by the complainant, revealed the lifeless body of Anthony lying motionless in the emergency ward. No signs of violence were observed during the inspection of his body, as stated in the police report.

The investigation then led the police to the school premises, where they discovered a 10-feet manhole within the compound, filled with a significant amount of water. It was identified as the site where the young boy tragically lost his life.

This devastating incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety and security of children within educational institutions. The school community, as well as the local community at large, is grappling with grief and shock over this heartbreaking loss. The authorities will undoubtedly be working diligently to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future and to provide support to the grieving family during this difficult time.

As the investigation progresses, the police will explore all possible angles to determine the circumstances surrounding this tragedy. The loss of a young life is a stark reminder of the need for constant vigilance and safety measures to protect our most vulnerable members of society.

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