Beverly Hayden : “Indiana woman killed by 100-pound dog still on the loose in Cass County”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : An elderly woman in Cass County, Indiana, was tragically killed on Wednesday by a 100-pound dog that is still on the loose, according to local police. The incident occurred in the living room of the woman’s residence, where she was attacked by her own pet pit bull. Despite the efforts of a family member to stop the attack, they were unable to prevent the tragic outcome.

Authorities were called to the scene early in the morning after receiving reports of an elderly female being attacked by her dog. When they arrived, they found the 89-year-old victim suffering from severe dog bite injuries. Sadly, she was pronounced dead by the Cass County Coroner, George Franklin. The woman’s family has been notified of the devastating loss.

The dog, described as a 100-pound black pit bull with a white chest, managed to escape the residence after the attack and is currently still at large in the area. Law enforcement and animal control officials have been actively searching for the dog, even utilizing a drone to aid in the search, but have been unsuccessful in locating it thus far. The authorities are urging anyone who spots the dog to immediately call 911 so that animal control can respond and safely capture it.

It is important to note that if anyone comes across the pit bull, they should not attempt to approach the animal on their own due to the potential danger it poses. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, with multiple agencies involved, including the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, the Logansport Police Department, Cass County Animal Control, Cass County EMS, and the Cass County Coroner’s Office.

Sheriff Ed Schroder emphasized that foul play is not suspected in this tragic incident. However, anyone with additional information related to the attack and the victim’s death is urged to contact the Cass County Sheriff’s Office at (574) 753-7800. The community is mourning the loss of Beverly Hayden and hoping for a swift resolution to the search for the dog responsible for her untimely death.

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