Lauren Erickson Van Wart : “Massachusetts Woman Killed by Shark While Paddleboarding in Bahamas Identified”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Massachusetts Woman Killed by Shark While Paddleboarding in the Bahamas Identified

The woman who tragically lost her life in a shark attack while paddleboarding in the Bahamas on Monday has been identified by local authorities as 44-year-old Lauren Erickson Van Wart. The Royal Bahamas Police Force confirmed this information in a news release on Tuesday. According to the Daily Mail, Van Wart was a newlywed and worked as a math editor for Curriculum Associates.

The news of Van Wart’s untimely death has left her colleagues and friends heartbroken. Curriculum Associates CEO Rob Waldron expressed his grief and condolences in a statement, describing Van Wart as a beloved member of their math editorial team. He praised her dedication to students and educators and emphasized her commitment to excellence in improving learning outcomes for all. The Curriculum Associates community is mourning this tragedy and offering their support to Van Wart’s husband and family.

On the day of the incident, Nassau police received a distress call around 11:15 a.m. about a tourist attacked by a shark. Van Wart and a male relative were paddleboarding less than a mile off the western end of New Providence Island when the shark bite occurred. A lifeguard on duty witnessed the attack and promptly went out on a rescue boat to retrieve both individuals.

Despite receiving CPR, Van Wart had suffered serious injuries to the right side of her body, including the upper hip region and her right upper limb. Emergency personnel who arrived at the scene sadly confirmed that she had no vital signs of life. Fortunately, her male relative remained unharmed.

The Bahamas has seen a few shark-related fatalities in the past five years, according to Gavin Naylor, program director of the International Shark Attack File. He attributed this to the large tourist population and the high number of people in the water, either for recreational purposes or to observe sharks. Naylor explained that the sharks in the area become acclimated to human presence and, as a result, may be less cautious.

With approximately 30 to 40 shark species inhabiting the waters around the Bahamas, Naylor noted that the Caribbean reef shark, bull shark, tiger shark, and blacktip shark have the highest bite frequency. He stated that most shark bites are accidental, with the shark mistaking the victim for something else. However, there are instances when sharks deliberately single out individuals.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers present in marine environments and the importance of exercising caution while engaging in water activities. The loss of Lauren Erickson Van Wart has undoubtedly left a void in the lives of her loved ones, who are now left to mourn her passing.

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