The victim or deceased name from Balaach Mola Bakhsh’s killing is Balaach Mola Bakhsh. : “Balaach Mola Bakhsh’s Killing and Protests Expose Deep Mistrust in Balochistan”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Over the last couple of weeks, Balochistan’s southern Kech district has been gripped by mass protests following the reported killing of a young man, Balaach Mola Bakhsh, allegedly at the hands of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials. The CTD claimed that Bakhsh was killed during an armed clash with militants, but his family refuted these claims, accusing the CTD of extrajudicially killing him. The protests, which have turned into a sit-in, have been demanding an impartial inquiry into the CTD’s actions and the filing of an FIR against the officials involved.

The protests in Kech’s headquarters, Turbat, are unprecedented due to the large number of women participating. While previous protests in Balochistan focused on the lack of basic necessities and civil rights, the current wave of demonstrations is fueled by anger against the alleged targeted killings of Baloch youth by law enforcement agencies and the lack of impartial inquiries into these incidents.

The mistrust between the Baloch people and state institutions has deepened due to incidents like these, and the mainstream political parties and media have largely ignored the issue, further alienating the Baloch youth. This sense of deprivation and alienation has contributed to the resurgence of the insurgency in Balochistan.

The killings in Balochistan are often brushed under the carpet, with judicial inquiries either not reaching their conclusions or government recommendations being ignored. This indifference to the plight of the Baloch people has fueled adverse sentiments against state institutions and perpetuated the cycle of violence in the region.

The current protests in Kech district highlight the interconnectedness of various untended grievances in Balochistan and the need for justice and accountability. The demands for an impartial inquiry and justice for Bakhsh’s killing are not just about one individual but represent the frustrations and aspirations of the Baloch people.

As the protests continue and the body count rises in Balochistan, it is crucial for the government and state institutions to address the grievances of the Baloch people and ensure that justice is served. Failure to do so will only deepen the sense of alienation and fuel further violence in the region. Balochistan cannot afford to ignore the cries of its marginalized population any longer.

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