The victims or deceased in the Covenant School shooting are: – Three 9-year-old students – Three staff members : “MNPD Officers Investigated for Leak of Covenant School Killer’s Manifesto Photos”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Three officers from the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) are under investigation after the leak of three photographs containing manifesto pages written by Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the Covenant School killer. The leak was published by conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder in November. According to a report by Fox 17, the police department confirmed that the three officers are still on administrative assignment, while four other officers have returned to their normal duties.

The leaked documents revealed that Hale, a transgender male, had written racist comments about Christian children prior to the mass shooting at the Covenant School in March. The victims of the shooting included three 9-year-old students and three staff members.

The MNPD initially placed the officers on administrative leave to protect the investigation into the leak. Crowder claimed that his source was not among the officers identified by the MNPD, suggesting that the agency had made a mistake. Crowder criticized the investigation, stating that it was meant to silence whistleblowers.

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell ordered an investigation into how the documents were released before the authenticity of the photographs was officially acknowledged by the police. The Tennessee Star was among the first outlets to independently verify the photos published by Crowder as Hale’s writings.

Star News Digital Media Inc., the company that owns and operates The Tennessee Star, is involved in an ongoing lawsuit seeking to compel the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to release Hale’s manifesto to the public. Following the leak, Star News Digital Media Inc. filed motions to compel the FBI to officially identify the leaked pages as part of Hale’s manifesto.

The investigation into the leak of the manifesto pages is ongoing, and the MNPD has yet to release any further information regarding the status of the officers involved. The leak has raised concerns about the handling of sensitive materials by law enforcement agencies and the potential impact on ongoing investigations.

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