The victims or deceased names from the article are: – Christian Andres Castaneda-Astudillo – Yuri Yeneri Gomez-Lopez : “Affidavit Reveals Details of Fatal Crash Involving Smuggling of Migrants in El Paso”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) — New details have emerged regarding the tragic car crash on November 20th that resulted in the death of two migrants and left two others injured. ABC-7 has obtained the affidavit related to the incident, shedding light on the events leading up to the crash.

Adrian Neeko Brustie, a 20-year-old individual, has been charged with smuggling of persons causing death, which is classified as a first-degree felony. According to the affidavit, the incident began when troopers on County Club Road attempted to pull over Brustie’s Kia due to an obstructed license plate. However, instead of complying, Brustie chose to evade the authorities. During the pursuit on Mesa Street, witnesses observed migrants falling from the rear doors of Brustie’s vehicle.

The chase escalated as Brustie accelerated to speeds exceeding 100 miles-per-hour on I-10. Tragically, at the north loop, Brustie’s car collided with a curbed center median and became airborne. The vehicle rolled several times, causing two more migrants to be partially ejected and crushed by the rolling car. The victims, identified as Christian Andres Castaneda-Astudillo and Yuri Yeneri Gomez-Lopez, lost their lives in the harrowing accident.

Following the crash, Brustie was found inside the car alongside his girlfriend. He was subsequently arrested and transported to a local hospital for medical attention. However, during his time at the hospital, prosecutors revealed that Brustie attempted to escape from authorities not once, but twice. Shockingly, one of his escape endeavors involved trying to crawl through the ceiling tiles of a hospital restroom.

At a bail hearing, Brustie’s bail was initially set at over $1.3 million. However, in a subsequent hearing, the judge granted him $965,000 in signature bonds. This meant that Brustie only needed to sign documents for the reduced amount to secure his release.

The tragic consequences of this incident highlight the dangers associated with human smuggling operations. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash, and Brustie will face serious legal consequences for his alleged involvement in the smuggling operation that led to the loss of innocent lives.

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