There are no victims or deceased mentioned in the provided text. : “Arrest Made in Massachusetts for Poaching: Deer Shot from Vehicle, Gray Fox Killed”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : COLRAIN — Two individuals were apprehended on Saturday evening by Massachusetts State Troopers and Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers for their alleged involvement in poaching activities, including the unfortunate shooting of a deer from a moving vehicle and the unlawful killing of a gray fox.

The incident unfolded at approximately 6:10 p.m. when the State Police-Shelburne Falls Barracks received an urgent call reporting a deer being shot on Shelburne Line Road. Trooper Garrett Hall promptly responded to the scene and initiated a vehicle stop of a gray Toyota Tacoma pickup. Inside the vehicle, authorities discovered two men, Ira B. Doull, 46, from Worthington, and Seth O. Doull, 51, from Colrain. Alarming to the officers was the presence of several unsecured firearms within the pickup.

To assist in the situation, off-duty Trooper John Ollari was called to the scene, aiding in the apprehension of the Doulls. As the investigation unfolded, law enforcement officials uncovered a cache of firearms, including a loaded .22 caliber rifle and a loaded handgun. Additionally, thermal scopes were found, suggesting the use of illegal hunting methods. Most distressing was the discovery of a lifeless gray fox, which had been unlawfully killed and left in the pickup.

Both Ira and Seth Doull are now facing multiple charges, including hunting from a vehicle and at night, carrying loaded firearms within a vehicle, and recklessly discharging a firearm near a highway. Following their arrest, they were processed at State Police-Shelburne Falls and subsequently posted bail. Arraignments for the defendants are scheduled to take place this week in Greenfield District Court, where they will face legal consequences for their alleged actions.

Authorities have confiscated all firearms and contraband discovered within the vehicle. Furthermore, an ongoing investigation is underway to determine whether the Doulls have any connection to previous poaching incidents involving a gray Tacoma in the vicinity.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police have released booking photos of the defendants, as well as images of the seized firearms and the unfortunate victim, the illegally killed deer. This move aims to raise awareness about the consequences of poaching and the importance of preserving wildlife. The incident serves as a reminder that such actions are not only illegal but also detrimental to the delicate balance of nature.

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