There are no victims or deceased mentioned in the provided text. : “Gun found and suspect arrested after altercation at Chicopee High School”

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Gun Found Following Altercation at Chicopee High School

CHICOPEE, MA – Authorities reported that a firearm was discovered on Tuesday after an altercation occurred at Chicopee High School. The incident involved juveniles who were not enrolled in the school.

According to investigators, the weapon was found off school premises, leading to the identification of another individual who had participated in the fight the previous day. In response, law enforcement officers promptly proceeded to the person’s residence and successfully apprehended them.

The gun was located inside a bedroom at the suspect’s home, providing crucial evidence for their arrest. It is important to note that at no point was the firearm present within the school premises, ensuring the safety of the students and staff.

While the investigation is still ongoing, additional information is expected to emerge as authorities delve deeper into the incident. Western Mass News remains committed to following this story and will provide updates as they become available.

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