There are no victims or deceased mentioned in the provided text. : “Kettering Woman with Multiple Warrants Arrested After Police Pursuit”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : In a dramatic turn of events on Tuesday night, a woman with multiple warrants was apprehended by Kettering police after a high-speed pursuit. The incident unfolded near the intersection of Lamme Road and Lehigh Place, according to a spokesperson from the Kettering Police Department.

The pursuit was initiated after authorities received information from Flock cameras indicating that a driver with multiple warrants was passing through Kettering. The suspect in question was identified as Angela Hendricks, known for her numerous failure to comply incidents and her tendency to flee from the police. This time was no exception.

As officers located Hendricks’ vehicle near West Stroop Road and Lamme Road, they attempted a vehicle intercept to prevent her from escaping again. However, Hendricks refused to surrender and instead rammed two KPD cruisers before speeding away. Undeterred, two other officers joined the pursuit.

Quick-thinking officers from the Miami Township police deployed stop sticks near the intersection of Mad River Road and Fox Run, causing Hendricks’ vehicle to slow down. Seizing the opportunity, an officer executed a successful PIT maneuver (Precision Immobilization Technique), effectively ending the chase.

Following her capture, Hendricks was taken into custody, and charges are pending against her. These charges include failure to comply, felony possession of drugs, and felonious assault. Additionally, she has three misdemeanor warrants through KPD and a felony warrant through the Adult Parole Authority.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported during the pursuit. Both Hendricks and the officers involved emerged unharmed from the incident.

Currently, Angela Hendricks is being held in the Montgomery County Jail, according to online jail records. As the investigation continues, law enforcement officials will undoubtedly delve deeper into her alleged criminal activities, seeking justice for her actions.

The successful apprehension of a wanted suspect like Hendricks serves as a testament to the dedication and tenacity of the Kettering Police Department. Their swift and decisive actions have ensured the safety of the community and brought a notorious fugitive to justice.

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