Victims or deceased names from the North Las Vegas crash in January 2022 have not been provided in the given text. : “Dodge Challenger Travelling Over 100 MPH Before Fatal Crash Sparks Calls for Speeding Reduction Technology”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : A devastating crash in North Las Vegas in January 2022 has highlighted the need for new technology in vehicles to reduce speeding and prevent fatal accidents. The crash, which claimed the lives of nine people, including four young brothers, occurred when a Dodge Challenger was traveling at over 100 miles per hour and collided with multiple vehicles. Tiffani May, a survivor of the crash, shared her harrowing experience, describing the sound of breaking glass and the sight of fire. May emphasized the emotional, spiritual, physical, and cognitive toll the crash has taken on her life.

Speed-related crashes accounted for approximately 12,000 deaths in the US in 2021, making it a major contributor to road fatalities. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) conducted a study on the Las Vegas crash and called for automakers to install technology to reduce speeding in all new vehicles. Intelligent speed assistance technology, which can either notify drivers when they are speeding or actively prevent them from exceeding the speed limit, is already in use in Europe and will become mandatory in new passenger cars next year.

However, the adoption of this technology in the US has been slow. While a few automakers offer speed assistance technology, the majority of American automakers have not embraced it. The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, an industry trade group, emphasized the importance of transportation policies focused on driver education, law enforcement, and infrastructure investment in promoting road safety.

The NTSB’s recommendation for the adoption of speed assistance technology has sparked debate within the industry. Some argue that the technology needs further development to ensure its accuracy and effectiveness, while others believe that consumer demand and political pressure will drive its adoption. The NHTSA, which is considering requiring automakers to include speed assistance technology, has yet to make any decisions.

In the aftermath of the crash, May has become an advocate for better traffic safety systems and treatment options for individuals driving under the influence. She hopes to bring about change and prevent future tragedies on the roads.

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