Victims or deceased names: Yuval Doron Castleman : Israeli ‘hero’ mistakenly shot dead by soldier in Jerusalem attack.

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Last Thursday morning, a tragic incident unfolded in Jerusalem that has sparked a national debate in Israel. Yuval Doron Castleman, a former policeman with a weapons permit, was driving to work when he witnessed a shooting at a bus stop. Two Palestinians opened fire on a group of people, killing three. Castleman, acting bravely, jumped out of his car, approached the attackers, and fired at them before they fled.

Initially, the media reports followed the usual pattern, highlighting the attack, the death toll, and the claiming of responsibility by Hamas. However, one crucial detail was missing: a fourth fatality. Castleman, mistakenly identified as one of the attackers, was shot by an army reservist who had not witnessed the events unfold. Despite Castleman raising his hands, removing his coat, and shouting that he was a Jew and an Israeli, the soldier fired again, resulting in Castleman’s death.

This incident has raised concerns about the distribution of firearms licenses to civilians and the presence of ultra-nationalist settlers in the army. Castleman’s tragic death has highlighted the risks associated with arming civilians and the potential for accidents or gratuitous shootings. The number of civilian gun licenses has been increasing in recent years, driven by spikes in violence and changes to the law. The recent Hamas attacks have further fueled the demand for firearms licenses, with the National Security Minister promising to distribute 10,000 firearms to settlers.

The controversy surrounding the incident has also extended to the initial reaction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His defense of the policy of arming civilians and his comment that “that’s life” stirred outrage. However, following public pressure, Netanyahu rectified his statement and described Castleman as a “hero of Israel” who saved lives.

The case also raises questions about the prevailing message and attitudes towards attackers. Some politicians in the government have supported the notion of not arresting attackers, and this sentiment may have influenced the actions of the army reservist who mistakenly shot Castleman.

As the investigation unfolds, Israel is grappling with the tragedy of losing a hero to a fellow compatriot’s mistake. Castleman’s family, along with the wider public, is demanding justice and a reevaluation of the policies surrounding the distribution of firearms licenses and the use of force. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the complexities and risks associated with civilian gun ownership and the need for careful regulation and oversight.

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