Bikeability Level 1: Bike Prep & Pedaling : “Level 1 Bikeability: Learn to Prepare, Check, Set Off, Slow Down, and Pedal Correctly”

1. “Benefits of Bikeability level 1 course for children’s active living”
2. “Importance of bike preparation and correct pedaling techniques in Bikeability level 1 course”.

Yesterday, Year 4 Participated in the Level 1 Bikeability Course

Active living is an essential aspect of a child’s development, and yesterday, the Year 4 students had the opportunity to enhance their active lifestyle by participating in the Level 1 Bikeability course. Bikeability is a national program in the UK that aims to provide children with the necessary skills and confidence to cycle safely on the roads.

Preparing for the Journey

One of the crucial skills taught during the Bikeability course is how to prepare for a journey. The children were instructed on the importance of wearing appropriate safety gear such as helmets, reflective clothing, and ensuring that their bikes were in good working condition. This not only ensures their safety but also instills responsible habits when it comes to cycling.

Checking Bikes for Safety

Before embarking on any cycling journey, it is essential to check the bikes to ensure they are ready for the road. The Bikeability course taught the Year 4 students how to inspect their bikes for potential issues. They learned to check if the tires were properly inflated, the brakes were working correctly, and the chains were well lubricated. By teaching these maintenance skills, the children are empowered to take care of their bikes and ensure a safe and enjoyable cycling experience.

Setting Off, Slowing Down, and Stopping

Learning how to start, slow down, and stop is an integral part of cycling safely. During the Bikeability course, the Year 4 students were taught the correct techniques for setting off, slowing down, and stopping. They learned how to maintain balance while starting, how to use their brakes effectively to slow down, and how to come to a controlled stop. These skills are essential for navigating various road situations, and by mastering them, the children can confidently handle their bikes in real-life scenarios.

Learning How to Pedal Correctly

While pedaling may seem like a basic skill, it is crucial to pedal correctly to maximize efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. The Bikeability course focused on teaching the Year 4 students the correct pedaling technique. They were instructed on how to maintain a consistent rhythm, how to use all parts of their feet on the pedals, and how to distribute their weight to optimize power transfer. By pedaling correctly, the children can enhance their cycling experience and reduce the strain on their muscles.

Overall, the Year 4 students had a fantastic experience participating in the Level 1 Bikeability course. They not only learned the essential skills needed to cycle safely on the roads but also developed a deeper understanding of the importance of active living. By equipping children with these skills at a young age, Bikeability promotes a lifelong love for cycling and encourages a healthier lifestyle.

So, let’s encourage our children to embrace active living and take part in programs like Bikeability to ensure they can confidently enjoy the benefits of cycling while staying safe on the roads.


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1. “Level 1 Bikeability course for children: Journey preparation, bike check, pedaling techniques”
2. “Active living: Bikeability level 1 course teaches journey preparation, bike maintenance, and pedaling skills”.

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