Google Drive file sync issue solution : “Google’s Solution for Sync Issue Causing File Disappearance on Drive for Desktop”

1. “Google Drive for desktop sync issue recovery steps”
2. “How to recover disappeared files on Google Drive for desktop”.

Google Fixes Sync Issue Causing File Disappearance on Drive for Desktop

Google has recently acknowledged a sync issue that caused files to mysteriously disappear for some users on Drive for desktop. However, the tech giant has not left affected users in the lurch and has provided a detailed list of steps to recover the lost files. While it may not be a simple one-click solution, following the instructions can help users restore their missing data.

Understanding the Sync Issue

For users relying on Google Drive for desktop synchronization, the sudden disappearance of files can be alarming and frustrating. The sync issue resulted in files vanishing from the local storage, even though they were still available on the cloud. This problem primarily affected users who had enabled the “Backup and Sync” feature, which allows seamless file synchronization between their computers and Google Drive.

Google has identified the root cause of the problem as a bug in the synchronization process, which caused files to be mistakenly deleted from the local storage while attempting to update the cloud version. The issue affected a subset of users across various platforms, including Windows and macOS.

Google’s Solution to Recover Lost Files

To assist users in recovering their missing files, Google has outlined a series of steps on its support page. Here is a summarized version of the provided instructions:

  1. Pause Backup and Sync: The first step is to pause the synchronization process to prevent any further loss or deletion of files. Users can do this by right-clicking on the Backup and Sync icon in the system tray (Windows) or menu bar (macOS) and selecting “Pause”.
  2. Check the Google Drive Trash: Access the Google Drive website and navigate to the “Trash” folder. Look for the missing files there, as they might have been accidentally moved to the trash. If found, restore them to their original location.
  3. Restore Locally Deleted Files: In some cases, the missing files may have been deleted from the local storage but are still available in the cloud. To restore these files, access the Google Drive website, click on the “Computers” tab, and locate the “My Laptop” or “My Desktop” section. Select the files you want to restore and click on the “Restore” button.
  4. Resync Your Files: Once the missing files have been recovered, it is essential to resync them with the local storage. Users can resume the synchronization process by right-clicking on the Backup and Sync icon and selecting “Resume”.

Following these steps should help users recover their lost files and ensure that they are properly synced between their computers and Google Drive.

Preventing Future Sync Issues

While Google has resolved the sync issue, it’s essential for users to take precautions to avoid similar problems in the future. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Keep Backup Copies: It’s always a good practice to maintain backup copies of important files on an external hard drive or cloud storage service other than Google Drive.
  • Regularly Update Backup and Sync: Ensure that you have the latest version of Backup and Sync installed on your computer. Google frequently releases updates to fix bugs and improve performance.
  • Report Issues to Google: If you encounter any sync problems or file disappearances, report the issue to Google’s support team. Providing detailed information about the problem can help them address it promptly.

By following these guidelines, users can minimize the risk of encountering sync issues and ensure the safety of their files stored on Google Drive for desktop.

In conclusion, Google has swiftly addressed the sync issue causing files to disappear for some users on Drive for desktop. Although the recovery process may not be as simple as a one-click update, the provided steps offer a reliable solution to restore missing files. By following Google’s instructions and taking preventive measures, users can safeguard their data and enjoy a seamless synchronization experience with Google Drive.


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1. “Google Drive desktop sync issue recovery steps”
2. “How to recover disappeared files on Google Drive desktop sync”.

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