Joy Day with reading buddies spreads joy : “Spreading Joy in Classrooms: Joy Day with Our Reading Buddies”

1. “Spreading Joy in Classrooms: Joy Day with Reading Buddies”
2. “Enhancing Happiness through Joy Day: Reading Buddies in Mrs. De Guzman and Mrs. Marinic’s Classes”.

Joy Day with Our Reading Buddies: Spreading Happiness in Mrs. De Guzman and Mrs. Marinic’s Classes!

When it comes to spreading joy and happiness, there is no better way than through the power of reading. In Mrs. De Guzman and Mrs. Marinic’s classes, Joy Day with our reading buddies has become a cherished tradition that not only brings smiles to the faces of students but also fosters a love for reading and learning. This article will explore how this unique initiative is making a difference and why it is considered the best way to spread joy in these classrooms.

The Importance of Reading Buddies

Reading buddies are older students who mentor and guide younger students in their journey to becoming proficient readers. They provide support, encouragement, and a positive learning environment for their reading buddies. This practice has proven to be highly effective in improving reading skills, boosting confidence, and building meaningful relationships between students.

Mrs. De Guzman and Mrs. Marinic recognized the potential of reading buddies to create a joyful and engaging learning experience for their students. They decided to take this concept a step further by dedicating a special day called Joy Day to celebrate and strengthen the bond between the reading buddies and their mentees.

The Magic of Joy Day

Joy Day is a day filled with exciting activities, games, and reading sessions designed to make learning fun and enjoyable. The classrooms are transformed into colorful and inviting spaces, adorned with creative decorations that reflect the joyous theme of the day.

The highlight of Joy Day is the reading sessions with the reading buddies. Older students pair up with younger students and engage in interactive reading activities. They take turns reading aloud, discussing the story, and even acting out scenes. This collaborative approach not only enhances reading skills but also fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among the students.

To make the day even more special, Mrs. De Guzman and Mrs. Marinic invite guest readers from the community. These guest readers can be parents, local authors, or even celebrities who volunteer their time to share their love for reading. Their presence adds an element of excitement and inspiration to the event, leaving a lasting impact on the students.

The Impact on Students

Joy Day with our reading buddies has had a profound impact on the students in Mrs. De Guzman and Mrs. Marinic’s classes. Firstly, it has ignited a passion for reading among the students. By making reading a joyful and interactive experience, the teachers have successfully instilled a love for books and storytelling in their students.

Secondly, Joy Day has improved reading skills and comprehension levels. The personalized attention from their reading buddies and the engaging activities have helped students develop their reading fluency and comprehension abilities. Many students have shown remarkable progress in their reading abilities since the inception of Joy Day.

Lastly, Joy Day has created a strong sense of community and belonging in the classrooms. The friendships formed between the reading buddies and their mentees extend beyond the classroom, creating a support system and fostering a positive learning environment. Students feel valued, heard, and understood, leading to increased self-confidence and motivation to excel academically.


Joy Day with our reading buddies has proven to be the best way to spread joy in Mrs. De Guzman and Mrs. Marinic’s classes. By combining the power of reading with interactive activities and a positive learning environment, this initiative has transformed the students’ attitudes towards reading and learning. The impact is not only seen in improved reading skills but also in the happiness and confidence radiating from the students. Joy Day truly exemplifies the magic that can happen when joy and learning come together.


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1. “Spread joy in the classroom with Joy Day and reading buddies”
2. “Enhance classroom joy with reading buddies on Joy Day”.

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