Rashid Shabaan Mwabidia : Fatal Stabbing in Donholm: Police Search for Assailant; Murder, Lynching Reported in Nairobi

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Police Hunt Assailant in Fatal Stabbing Incident in Donholm, Nairobi

Fatal Stabbing Incident in Donholm, Nairobi

Authorities are on the lookout for a perpetrator involved in the tragic killing of a middle-aged man through a fatal stabbing in the Donholm area of Nairobi. The incident occurred during the early hours of Thursday morning as a man and a woman were walking towards their residence.

The woman, an eyewitness to the incident, stated that she and the deceased were accompanied by another man who joined them on the road at around 2 am. The woman added that the two men appeared to be acquainted, engaging in a conversation that eventually escalated into an argument and physical altercation.

Tragically, the assailant produced a knife and viciously stabbed the victim in the head, resulting in his immediate death. Both the woman and the police confirmed that the assailant managed to flee the scene before they could apprehend him.

The motive behind this shocking incident remains unknown, and the police are actively investigating the case to gather more information. The body of the deceased has been transported to the mortuary, awaiting further procedures, including an autopsy.

Meanwhile, in Diani, Kwale, the police are currently conducting an investigation into the murder of a 25-year-old man named Rashid Shabaan Mwabidia, who was found dead in his own residence. The victim lived alone, and it is believed that an unknown number of individuals entered his house and took his life, subsequently locking the body inside.

According to the victim’s brother, who attempted to contact him without success, he became concerned and decided to check on him on December 5. To his dismay, he discovered that the front door had been locked from the outside. Upon forcefully entering, he found his brother’s lifeless body lying on the floor, displaying visible signs of strangulation.

Neighbors informed the police that they had heard the victim engaged in a heated argument during the night with unknown individuals, although the disturbance eventually ceased. The neighbors assumed that the conflict had been resolved. However, it was later determined that the man had been strangled. The authorities are actively investigating the motive behind this tragic incident.

In the same vicinity, two suspected criminals fell victim to mob justice during a botched robbery attempt. The suspects, riding a motorcycle, targeted a female pedestrian on Tuesday, attempting to snatch her purse. However, the woman bravely raised an alarm, attracting the attention of passersby who gave chase and ultimately stoned the assailants to death.

The police strongly discourage such acts of mob violence and urge individuals to surrender suspects to the authorities for proper legal processing. The bodies of the deceased have been transferred to the mortuary, awaiting further examination and investigation.

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