Victim/Deceased Names: Danasia Greene : Cambridge Officials Hold Meeting on Fatal Shooting, Address Concerns about Unhoused Population

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Cambridge officials held a community meeting on Wednesday to address concerns and provide updates on the investigation into a fatal shooting that occurred on November 23. Law enforcement officials assured attendees that they have been working tirelessly to follow up on leads and expect an arrest to be made soon. The shooting claimed the life of Danasia Greene, 27, and injured Tyrre Herring, 26. While there was limited information that could be shared about the investigation, the meeting took an unexpected turn as attendees shifted the focus to the unhoused population in Central Square.

Many community members expressed their concerns about the general condition of Central Square and the growing number of unhoused individuals in the area. Ray Doucette, an associate at the law firm Galluccio & Watson, acknowledged the city’s efforts in providing assistance to those in need but also highlighted the presence of a population that is struggling. This topic dominated the discussion, with over two dozen mentions throughout the meeting, despite the organizers’ initial statement that the shooting was unrelated to the unhoused population.

Cambridge Police Commissioner Christine Elow emphasized that the crime did not involve anyone from the unhoused community and that the incident was the result of an ongoing dispute between individuals who knew each other. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan echoed this sentiment and assured residents that no one else was at risk of violence related to the shooting. Both officials expressed confidence in the progress of the investigation and their expectation of a resolution in the near future.

The shooting took place in front of the Church Corner apartment building in Cambridgeport, and there are indications that it may be drug-related. An unhoused individual who witnessed the incident suggested that Greene was the intended target, while Herring happened to be present. This observation aligns with the perception that much of the crime in Central Square is directed towards the unhoused population, as highlighted in a recent police report.

City Councilor Marc McGovern addressed concerns about the stability of the unhoused population, stating that although around 500 individuals remain unhoused each year, there is a constant turnover as people are transitioned into housing. McGovern reassured attendees that the city is actively working to address the issue and that significant police presence and outreach teams are actively monitoring Central Square.

Overall, the community meeting provided an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns, receive updates on the investigation, and discuss the challenges faced by the unhoused population in Central Square. While the investigation into the shooting continues, officials remain committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents in Cambridge.

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