Alan Kohler’s insight on Labor’s timidity & Keating’s cure” : “Keating offers cure for Labor’s PTSD: Alan Kohler’s insights

1. “Alan Kohler analysis: Labour’s timidity and Keating’s prescription for Labor’s PTSD”
2. “Understanding Labour’s cautious approach and Keating’s solution for Labor’s PTSD”.

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In a recent opinion piece titled “Keating Prescribes Cure for Labor’s PTSD,” Alan Kohler highlights the current state of the Australian Labor Party and its lack of conviction. Kohler argues that the party has become timid, lacking the boldness and vision necessary to connect with voters. This article will delve deeper into Kohler’s analysis, examining the reasons behind the Labor Party’s timidity and the potential cure suggested by former Prime Minister Paul Keating.

1. The Timidity of the Labor Party

Kohler points out that the Labor Party seems to have lost its way, lacking the courage to take a stand on important issues. He suggests that this timidity stems from the party’s fear of electoral defeat, leading them to adopt a risk-averse approach. This cautiousness has prevented the Labor Party from effectively communicating its policies and connecting with voters who are craving strong leadership.

2. The Need for Boldness and Vision

To regain its relevance and inspire the electorate, the Labor Party must demonstrate boldness and vision. Kohler argues that the party needs to articulate a clear narrative that resonates with voters. This narrative should address the key challenges faced by Australians, such as inequality, climate change, and economic uncertainty. By offering concrete solutions and presenting a compelling vision for the future, the Labor Party can regain the trust and support of the electorate.

3. The Cure Suggested by Paul Keating

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating, renowned for his economic reforms and strong leadership, proposes a cure for the Labor Party’s timid state. Keating suggests that the party needs to overcome its “post-traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD) following its defeat in the 2019 federal election. This involves shedding the fear of electoral loss and embracing a bolder, more ambitious agenda.

4. Overcoming the Fear of Electoral Defeat

Keating argues that the Labor Party must move past its fear of electoral defeat and embrace the fact that politics is inherently risky. He believes that the party should focus on presenting policies that reflect its core values, even if they are controversial. By doing so, the Labor Party can differentiate itself from the opposition and create a clear alternative for voters. This approach requires a willingness to take risks and withstand potential criticism, but it is crucial for the party’s long-term success.

5. Crafting a Strong Narrative

In addition to overcoming fear, Kohler emphasizes the importance of crafting a strong narrative that resonates with voters. The Labor Party should clearly articulate its values, policies, and the positive impact they will have on the lives of Australians. By developing a compelling story, the party can engage voters on an emotional level and inspire them to support its agenda.


Alan Kohler’s analysis of the Labor Party’s timidity and Paul Keating’s proposed cure provide valuable insights into the current state of Australian politics. The article highlights the need for the Labor Party to overcome its fear of electoral defeat and embrace boldness and vision. By presenting a clear narrative and offering concrete solutions to key challenges, the party can regain the trust and support of the electorate. It is crucial for the Labor Party to heed these suggestions and reestablish itself as a strong, visionary force in Australian politics..

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1. “Alan Kohler Labour timidity cure”
2. “Keating’s cure for Labor’s PTSD”.

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