Abhishek Sanjay Bhosale : 30-year-old entrepreneur brutally murdered in suspected road rage incident in Maharashtra

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : In a tragic incident in Maharashtra, a 30-year-old entrepreneur was mercilessly beaten and killed by a group of 10 individuals using sharp weapons. The incident, believed to be a fallout of a road rage incident, occurred in the Pune district late on Tuesday night.

The victim, identified as Abhishek Sanjay Bhosale, was a well-known resident of Shewalwadi in Manjari. He owned a furniture shop called ‘The Chair Home’ and a warehouse in the Fursungi area. The police have launched an investigation into the incident and have made two arrests, including the main accused. They are currently on the lookout for the remaining individuals involved in the brutal attack.

According to the police, the unfortunate incident unfolded when Bhosale’s car accidentally brushed against a man named Vilas Sakat on the Fursungi Chandwadi Road. This minor collision quickly escalated into a heated argument between the two parties. Sakat allegedly shattered the window of Bhosale’s car during the scuffle.

Later that evening, around 9:30 pm, Bhosale went to Sakat’s house to seek compensation for the damage caused to his car. However, instead of a peaceful resolution, a group of people, comprising Sakat’s family members and friends, surrounded Bhosale. They began attacking him with sharp weapons and even used a rock to brutally beat him, resulting in his untimely demise.

The police have registered a case at the Hadapsar police station based on the complaint filed by Bhosale’s 18-year-old nephew, Atharva Sabale, who was also assaulted when he tried to intervene and protect his uncle. Preliminary investigations suggest that there was no prior animosity between the victim and the accused. The fatal attack appears to be a tragic consequence of the argument that originated from the road rage incident.

The police have charged 10 individuals, including a woman, with murder, physical assault, and criminal intimidation, among other offenses. Among the suspects, Vilas Sakat, Kailas Sakat, and Sachin Sakat have been identified.

This shocking incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the need for road safety and the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully. The police are determined to bring all the culprits to justice and ensure that such acts of violence are not repeated in the future.

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